Dhanvantri Ayurveda Medical College formed in 1998 with the aim to provide knowledge in the field of Ayurvedic science for the better care of the society & free of diseases causing in the nation creating opportunities & development in this field with standings in top colleges in Karnataka due to its experience in teaching of this field with faculties & infrastructural facilities of colonial era. The college was formed when the need for Ayurvedic medicine increased which led to the establishment of this college with starting of new era in these field & development of other colleges depending on the demand required by the students in this course also to the invention of curing new diseases.

Dhanvantri Ayurveda Medical College is being runned by Dhanvantri educational trust which manages all the daily activities in the colleges with proper requirements of students during their studies. It is approved by RGUHS as it is oldest premium institutes in Ayurveda background and also recognized by CCIM due to its practical knowledge with high level of gaining college in terms of Ayurveda treatment & curing patients.

For admissions in Dhanvantri Ayurveda Medical College call: 7760419247

Vision: Indulging each student in a good atmosphere where they can get best education and facilities in such a manner in which they will serve effectively in a betterment of the society and give great healthcare for healthy life.

Ensure each and every one of them acquire knowledge in field of surgery, medicine, handling capacity which enables them to excel in their profession of life and keep on developing in the field of medical studies.

Mission: To provide knowledge in the field of old traditional methods and ensure that each student enrolled in these field gets encouragement to more in depth about this courses and leave a path for each member to follow it in a discipline way and make sure others lead them in the same direction.

To adopt to the environment in which each individual gets the required amount of time to successfully utilize the resources provided and try to use it in gainful productivity manner. 

    For direct admissions in Dhanvantri Ayurveda Medical College please contact: 7760419247

    Courses offered & Eligibility

    UG Course: The programmes offered is 4.5 year BAMS degree with specialization in Ayurveda and surgery where students will learn about traditional medicines procured from herbs and shrubs in which useful medicines are extracted which can be treated to cure rare diseases which is not cured by drugs method.

    Students will be provided 1 year of training where they have to apply their practical knowledge in patients visiting the hospitals such that they enhance their career with knowing diseases patients suffering from & what are the methods to be applied in order to cure it and innovating new medicines for better cureness.

    Eligibility for BAMS course is qualified in 12th class with having a score of 50% in science related subjects for unreserved category & 45% for reserved category.

    NOTE: Students taking admissions through management quota or merit quota must have qualified in NEET exam without which they are not eligible for admissions.

    For queries related to eligibility, programmes & rankings in Dhanvantri Ayurveda Medical College call: 7760419247

    NOTE: Students seeking direct admissions through management quota in IIAMR must appear & qualify in NEET exam to become eligible for admissions.

    Accommodation facilities

    The facilities offered by the institute include the following:

    • Classrooms, Laboratories for inducing more practical knowledge in students
    • Library, Auditorium for presentation to impart education to all departments
    • Residential Facility for more movement of students to get more view of nature
    • Sports Facilities for candidates interested in different sports with equipment.  

    For queries related to accommodation & facilities in Dhanvantri Ayurveda Medical College call: 7760419247

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