Sir MVIT College of Engineering strives hard to create technically sound and socially superintendent engineers who will progress into entrepreneurs and innovators capable of giving great solutions. The college was established in 1985. 

Direct Admission in the Sir MVIT College of Engineering

The College's cutting-edge and innovative B.Tech programmes will belong to the particular interest of students who want to be a part of the close-knit community of doers and thinkers. It is apt for those who have the engineering applications' aptitude and those interested in research. They look for ways that would bring change in the world. College graduates are capable of building and designing great solutions. You can create and manage enterprises for the establishment of the global economy.

To get admission in the Sir MVIT College of Engineering you need to contact +91 8310524919


Sir MVIT College of Engineering mission is to give excellent quality education to all the engineering graduates, by giving them innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable them to emerge as leaders who will benefit the society both locally and globally.


Sir MVIT College of Engineering aims to become the Excellence Centre for giving Technical Education and serve the society with highly competent and self-motivated technocrats.

    Admission in the Sir MVIT College of Engineering

    The College gives impeccable and relevant quality education in engineering courses at postgraduate undergraduate, and doctorate levels. Teachers and students of its department are engaged in research activities of interest to industry and society. Our syllabus is based on the industrial standard and fulfils your educational needs. For taking the admission in the B.Tech degree, you need to follow some basic steps and proceed for it.

    We work hard to strengthen our research programs and our relationship with industry by helping our faculty and students work on sponsored industrial projects, research, and consultancy. We motivate collaborative programs that increase the interaction of our students and faculty with industry. For taking the admission in the engineering college, you can send your email on

    In-house projects, collaborations and consultancy, with industry and academics are crucial modes through which our faculty and students contribute to technology and education. The College offers financial support to students and faculty to present their research projects in international and national conferences abroad and India. Our teachers are engaged in helping society provide short term courses and training programs for industry organizations and institutes. The College offers the managerial and administrative support for the In-house Projects, Sponsored Research, Consultancy, and other institute's operations. It encourages and leads the Institute-Industry interaction and offers to help hand in establishing collaborative programs of interest to Institute and Industry. Students and faculty are motivated to take up hands-on industrial problems as consultancy projects to increase their problem-solving skills.

    The College offers detail on its activities and resources. It is a great chance to call potential Industries and other research and academic companies to check their relation with College.

    To get admission in the Sir MVIT College of Engineering you need to contact +91 8310524919

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