The Sapthagiri Engineering College, the structure that stands tall with dignity because of the plethora of engineers who have graduated from its mainspring since its foundation, has been the premier institute in India, regarding this field celebrated for the same. To get admitted into this amazing college, one must have to clear the mind. The college is located away from the din of the capital city and is nestled in the lap of nature surrounded by mountains and colourful flame trees extended to several acres of land. This college offers Bachelor of Engineering in eight fields mainly- Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications, Chemical, Instrumentation, Computer Science & Engineering and Industrial & Production. It also offers Masters in Mechanical, Civil Engineering, and Electrical and Master of Computer Applications


To be a college for encouraging and assisting sustainable development.


1. To prepare the technical workforce with values of sustainability and knowledge skills.

2. To take up relevant problems of society & industry like projects, research themes for study, and offer technological solutions.

    To get Direct Admission in the Sapthagiri Engineering College, you need to contact on 08310524919


    The entire college is spread over a lush green expanse of lots of acres, set against picturesque surroundings, within a lively city and outside of it. Our tempting place is endowed with all the modern amenities, yet in a natural amphitheatre, the college offers an excellent academic ambience for intellectual pursuit. The aesthetically designed campus has an open spaces series where the build-up area and landscaped areas do not overlap with one another, rather they merge seamlessly to build up an environment that promotes the students development personality in all respects, mental, physical and spiritual. You can take the admission in the engineering college, without facing any hassle.

    The college is highly equipped with great contemporary academic programs and infrastructure that commence with the new developments. We are a team of highly enthusiastic, qualified, competent and motivated faculty that got its assistance from the most responsible, efficient, and highly active management regime. We prepare all our students for the upcoming century by assisting them and have evolved into well rounded professionals with competence and skill to spearhead transformation in the global competitive environment of the present century. You can take the admission in the B.Tech college, without facing any hassle.

    That is why students passing from our college will be a force to be reckoned with in the fierce and competitive field of Science and Technology, where every day there is a new revolution and innovation and altering the very essence of life. Always remember that nothing is unattainable and impossible only if you dare to nourish a dream and if you dare to do so, then, our college is where you want to be. To get the Admission in the Sapthagiri Engineering College, you need to send your mail on

    To get Direct Admission in the Sapthagiri Engineering College, you need to contact on 08310524919

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