Rajshree Medical College Bareilly

Rajshree Medical College has established academic excellence and provides the programs in emerging and innovative areas. The College has many campuses and interdisciplinary and is fulfilling the needs of rural and urban students,

  • has tremendous accomplishment in research,
  • Has excellent facilities and infrastructure, best teaching-learning processes, started several innovative academic programs, and has set foot into international and national collaborations.

The College is a great educational institution that is devoted to:

    • Provide excellent education in several knowledge areas to the students as per their options and tendency
    • Create an environment with excellent academic facilities and infrastructure in its campuses favorable for academic pursuits
    • Bring quality education to the rural areas and all the students. 
    • Nurturing students to become top-class professionals but also responsible citizens and noble minded human beings
    • You will get world-class medical education with super-specialty hospitals and services at an affordable cost. The College is geared up and designed towards fulfilling their commitments

The Rajshree Medical College (RMC) was established in 2014 with the vision of offering quality education to all students. To meet the next generation of doctors' training needs, the Rajshree Medical College Hospital (RMCH) has a sole motive to give excellent quality education. The Hospital has lots of beds.

    For admission in Rajshree Medical College you need to contact on +91 8310524919

    The College is highly equipped with all the latest infrastructure, technology-enabled classrooms and advanced laboratories, and continually focuses on teaching, clinical practice, and research.

    At RMC, we strive to create a well-rounded medical professional. Here, our focus is on building doctors with a comprehensive and robust establishment of medical knowledge. Our students learn through several academics, and they have a balanced focus on extracurricular activities. They learn to practice in the world-class OTs and within the urban and rural field practice areas. They know to make decisions singly. Besides that, they know how to cooperate with a fellow student of nursing, pharmacy, or physiotherapy. Hence you can take admission in medical college with just a few simple steps

    Direct Admission in Rajshree Medical College

    You will get the substantial increment in institution number. It is a place where many students take admission in various courses of medical and allied health sciences. They have warranted the requirement to monitor, regulate, and systematize the syllabus and the evaluation systems. The sole aim of health science and professional medical education was to meet the societal needs' ends to ensure better healthcare. Hence, this College has the vision to drive uniformity in the teaching standards and have a common syllabus for the several courses offered in various colleges across the city. For admission in Rajshree Medical College, you can send your mail on directadmissionkarnatka@gmail.com 

    Experienced and Well Qualified faculty: The College is a powerful and potent blend of great academic experience, and besides that, you will get industrial exposure. The college faculty don various hats on its campus. They use the latest teaching techniques, making great use of modern technology. You will get many advisors and professional bodies at academic forums. So you just need to follow a simple procedure to get admission in MBBS College.

    Industry connections: Partnership with various industries increases innovation skills and helps students gain skills to equip them for great careers. The College has affiliations with several sectors across the spectrum.

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