To fulfil the education-related demands to all the skilled and talented humans needed for the socio-economic advancement and global technological SRM Engineering College was established to give quality education. For Direct Admission in the SRM Engineering College you can contact +91 8310524919.

The college offers a good education is highly equipped fields that range from Diploma to Post-graduation, giving quality education and honing skills to think 'Beyond the Future'. In a short duration of time, the college has earned a great name and fame in our country and abroad; to enlarge higher education for the development of socio development of the whole Nation apart from technological advancement and scientific technology.

Admission in the SRM Engineering College

The University offers an excellent education leading up-to PhD in Science, Education, Humanities, Commerce, and many other branches. The most of the emphasis of college is to build up the educational market and excellent skills to build up a new development that will embark to the road of social growth and prosperity of the people. To achieve this, the college collaborates with National and International Universities, and research organizations. The society established several colleges in almost two decades and added a feather in the cap. For Admission in the SRM Engineering College you can send mail on

    Quality Education at SRM Engineering College

    The University provides excellent research, education, and training in almost various disciplines by taking on-line and classroom teaching. The University usually provides the diploma to Ph. D. level courses to select from The management is well aware of all the criticality of the learning opportunity. It thus prepares the students as per experienced and highly qualified faculties having utmost confidence to accept all technological and global socio-economic challenges to head them forward. You can take admission in the engineering college without facing any issue.

    The colleges follow a flexible syllabus as we know the technological gaps and social diversity in the country. Therefore we upgrade ourselves on the syllabus and infrastructure basis. You can take admission in B.Tech degree, easily and conveniently.

    Specific features of SRM Engineering College

    • Flexible Syllabus
    • Cloud Computing, Contemporary Courses, and IQ and Machine Learning;
    • National and International Connections;
    • Entrepreneurship Development, Technological Incubation and Start-up;
    • Industrial Exposure;
    • Employability Training and Competitive Coaching and Mock Interviews;
    • Presentation Skill through Webinars and Seminars;
    • Personality Development Programs;
    • Techno-cultural, Sports and Extracurricular Activities;
    • Corporate Behaviors, Culture, Attitude and Adaptability in Corporate World; and
    • Placement Support.

    To establish itself as an outstanding university in making and imparting excellent knowledge and offering students a great, and exceptional unparalleled learning experience in all subjects that will bring innovation, wisdom, and positive transformation to the vibrant society to enhance the lifestyle of all the citizens


    The mission of the college is to make the distinction in today's education world and change the imagination of all the students and counted as the best college for creation of knowledge, human development, thereby by making a contribution to society by the pursuit of education, learning and research at the significant international levels of excellence.

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