Vydehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences, Bangalore

Vydehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences, Bangalore is being developed into a self-sufficient campus in all respects, an oasis of peace and tranquillity away from the noise and pollution. The college has established the campus comprising college, separate boys' and girls' hostels, hospital, faculty residence, auditorium, playgrounds, and gymnasium. It also offers comprehensive facilities for research and patient care. The Para and Pre clinical departments of the college provide their support in all the clinical departments in offering treatment for practically all medical conditions.

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Direct Admission in the Vyedehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences

The college buildings are located at great locations to increase the functional efficiency of several facilities and its utilizations. The buildings having an architectural splendour will be set in sylvan surroundings of imaginative arrangements of parks, lush green lawns, gardens, and fountains dotted with shady trees. The portal's majesty, buildings, environment serenity, orderliness in the administration, and dedication to academic management will infuse a healthy atmosphere for the students and faculty on the campus. 

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    College has Great Infrastructure

    The college has multidimensional departments, well-equipped laboratories, and a general hospital with brand-new instruments for comprehensive practical training and treatment.

    Great Faculty

    You will get a proficient and experienced faculty. The college has an experienced faculty from a wide array of dentistry & basic sciences fields.

    Exceptional Laboratories

    You will get a centrally air-conditioned library having several books concerning all medical branches and basic sciences, with a great range of national & international journals. The library also subscribes to a great number of magazines, newspapers, and other educational materials.


    The Vydehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences' vision is to make global leaders in the healthcare sector and emerge as a great medical college that creates and circulates great knowledge. We offer students a unique learning experience in dentistry with allied sciences that will best empower students to better health.

    To train general, Allied, and Specialized professional people to meet up with regional & national oral health care services.

    Vydehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences college's mission is to provide education aimed at gaining research and clinical excellence. The mission is to inspire students by self-sufficiency and fostering creativity. You can achieve great heights in ensuring great and interdisciplinary research. You can achieve global excellence through international standards and collaborations.


    We at Vydehi Institute Of Nursing Sciences college work honestly, ethically, and meticulously to contribute to global health care knowledge & skills.

    We achieve our mission through:

    Evolving comprehensive dental education integrates science, technology, patient needs, and lifelong learning in a world-class environment.

    We offer you a great comprehensive, contemporary, and Interdisciplinary research to improve oral care.

    Recruitment, development, support, and retention of a varied group of exceptional students, faculty, staff, and alumni from different parts of the country and world.

    We engage ourselves in community services and help the people in need.


    You will get professional excellence in practicing and learning in the medical industry with great ethical and clinical standards.

    We offer our commitment to advance medical education, training, and clinical skills via education, research, and collaboration integration with other colleges and universities both in and outside the country.

     We respect everyone's rights, opinions, and beliefs in a diverse, culturally-sensitive, and supportive environment.

    We provide an effective atmosphere of open communication and discussions with each other, faculty, and alumni to create a cohesive unit working together as a family.

    To get Direct Admission to the Vydehi Institute of Nursing Sciences, you can contact on +91 8310524919

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